How Can I Do SEO? :)

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Every day I am asked this question: “How Can I Do SEO?”

That is like asking: “How Do I Play Guitar?” (I like to relate everything to guitar)

You cannot explain it in 2 sentences, it is an art, something to comprehend first, then use it as a tool to achieve your desired result.

So for example, when I started guitar, I sucked, but then I practiced a lot, I learned to comprehend it, and developed the art and skill of guitar playing, now I can use it to create awesome music, which is my desired result.

So, in order to answer the age old question of “How Do I Do SEO“. Here is my simple answer, in 3 easy steps:

1. Download my free SEO eBook here  – Make sure to confirm your email by clicking the link in the email you receive immediately after entering your information on the website, then download the eBook.

2. Download a keyword research software like Market Samurai here so you can follow along and learn SEO research. – Make sure do enter your name and email on their site, download the software, and activate it using the unique key they give you.

3. Go through the ebook and learn SEO, if you have an existing website, click here, and get a SEO analysis and keyword research report.


If you want more awesome tutorials and training videos about general SEO and Market Samurai, check out their training here.

Remember that SEO is about a long term commitment to improvement, like Kaizen

The goal is not to just learn it, but learn it, use it, become better, improve, grow, learn and create.

Now have some fun SEO’ing!

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